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March 27, 2022 Bright Day

     This picture brightens my day, I hope yours is as well.  Yes, this sight will return - sunny skies and beautiful flowers. I look out at the colorful Easter flag waving out my window in the cold herb garden. It reminds me that we must be patient for the things we desire. (In Ohio it seems we have to be more patient.)  We did get a taste of spring. Gratitude people!!

      Another week of cold weather is ahead of us. Use it wisely. Perhaps plan that garden, or organize to streamline your life, check out upcoming bike rides, cook a great meal, or get those taxes done. I took some time to plan a trip to the mountains in the fall. Keep warm - we look forward to seeing you here at the B&B. 

January 9, 2022  One Step at a Time

There is so much beauty in the world. Here is a view on one of my walks in our woods.  It was 24 degrees that day.  The sun is setting, I love how it casts the most lovely blue color on the snow.  I challenge myself each afternoon to take this hike before supper.  I save this simple pleasure until almost the end of the daylight.  Every time I make this hike around the property I feel stronger for more reasons than one (long story).  If for some reason the walk doesn't happen I feel like something is missing.

When no other family member wants to join me (which is often late in these temperatures) at least I always have Cloe.  She is my friend, a faithful pit bull owned by my daughter. She is about as happy as I am to get out in nature no matter what the temperature.  If I stop at the house where she lives and don't go hiking she gets so excited that she hits whatever is in her way with her wagging tail. 

Just like a good habit, we can easily develop bad habits especially when we are home so much these days.  Lately, I try to keep mindfulness a big part of my life. Food makes me happy.  Sharing it with friends makes me happier.   The important thing is to keep those positive things in the forefront.  For me it might be a yoga class on Youtube,  visiting grandkids, brushing my horses in our barn, or even an organized house (something I never quite attained before).  Find the beauty in your life.  It's all around.


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